Nature’s Mana Ingredients (and benefits!)

Nature’s Mana uses a wide array of all natural, organic, Hawaiian grown, gluten-free and vegan-friendly ingredients. Although all are made from natural earth ingredients, not all products have all of these wonderful attributes so please read the product label and ingredients or check the product shop page for full descriptions of products before purchase.


A blend of CBD isolate and Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is used in the creation of our products. CBD isolate is a pure, crystalline powder that contains 99% pure CBD. Full Spectrum CBD is a dietary supplement that comes in liquid form and has a very potent cannabidiol content. The tincture is created by steeping CBD-rich hemp flowers in high-proof grain alcohol, then cooking over low heat . A blend of both are used because while the isolate is 99% CBD, it does not have all of the cannabinoids that can be beneficial to aiding in all uses of the plant.

Our CBD is grown in the United States and shipped to Hawaii for use, as CBD extracts are not yet being produced in Hawaii. Click here for more info on CBD! CBD is present in Nature’s Mana signature Massage Oil Candle, Lip Balm, Bath Drops and Facial Masks.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is

Activated charcoal has been used for medicinal purposes since the 19th century. It is made using carbon, which is combined with different gases and exposed to very high temperatures. Through this process, called activation, the carbon develops pores (little pockets of space on its surface) that vastly increase the surface area of the nutrients which give it the ability to attach itself to chemicals and toxins in your body. It draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. Charcoal is not metabolized, adsorbed or absorbed by the body, but it can be used to treat some poisonous bites and disinfect some wounds. Activated charcoal powder is proven to adsorb thousands of times its own mass in harmful substances, which makes it a popular ingredient in facial masks. You can find activated charcoal in Nature’s Mana Detox masks.

Bentonite Clay

Calcium bentonite clay is an absorbent kind of clay that typically forms after volcanic ash ages. It’s named after Fort Benton, Wyoming (USA), where the largest source of the clay can be found, but bentonite clay is found all over the world. It is known to have an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. People all over the world have been using clay for centuries as a way to detoxify the body, improve digestion, improve skin tone, and more. Bentonite clay has a unique composition and can absorb “negatively charged” toxins. While in its natural state, it has negatively charged molecules. Most toxins and heavy metals have positively charged molecules. This allows the two to bind together easily and stay united while the toxin removal process happens. Its presence in Nature’s Mana facial masks is vital for detoxing the skin improving skin tone.


Turmeric, an ingredient in most curries and mustards, has a nearly 4000-year history of use as more than just a spice. The turmeric plant (Curcuma longa) is an herb closely related to ginger. It’s cultivated in tropical climates across Asia for its rootstocks. It contains more than 300 naturally occurring components including beta-carotene, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), calcium, flavonoids, fiber, iron, niacin, potassium, zinc and other nutrients. But the chemical in turmeric linked to its most highly touted health effects is curcumin. Curcumin protects the skin by combating free radicals and reducing inflammation. There is also evidence to suggest that curcumin may help with skin cancers, psoriasis, acne, and scarring due to acne and other factors. You can find turmeric in some of Nature’s Mana CBD facial masks.


Cinnamon has been used for centuries in traditional medicines in Asian cultures-Chinese and Indian. Among the various benefits which cinnamon offers, one of the most important is its role in maintaining healthy skin. It grows abundantly in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and other Asian countries and people out there have been using cinnamon for various medicinal purposes including for skin disorders. It is said to improve fine lines by plumping the skin. This means that using cinnamon can stimulate blood vessels and bring blood to the surface of the skin making it the perfect ingredient for many of our natural products! You can find cinnamon in Nature’s Mana Hawaiian Coffee body scrub and facial masks.

Soy Wax

Soy wax is a natural, renewable resource and is also biodegradable, making it the ideal choice for our all natural product line and candles. Soy wax is a vegetable wax derived from soybean oil which makes it the ultimate skin safe ingredient. After soybeans are harvested they are cleaned, dehulled, cracked, and rolled into flecks. Oil is then extracted from these flecks and hydrogenated. Another added benefit is that it does not release dangerous carcinogens into the air when melted like other waxes. Soy wax is used to make our Signature CBD candles and vegan lip balms


Beeswax is the miracle of the beehive. The wax is formed into scales by eight wax-producing glands in the abdominal segments of worker bees, which discard it in or at the hive. The hive workers collect and use it to form cells for honey storage and larval and pupal protection within the beehive. Beeswax has been used since prehistory as man’s first plastic, as a lubricant and waterproofing agent. In medicine, beeswax is used for lowering cholesterol, relieving pain and anti-inflammatory. As a natural moisturizing agent, it not only locks moisture into the skin but also protects skin and lips. It has vitamin A, which can assist in re-hydrating and reconstructing damaged skin cells.   Beeswax is used in the (non-vegan) Nature’s Mana lip balms such as HI Honey and Honey Berry.

Kukui Nut oil

The Kukui nut tree is the official tree of Hawaii and has been used by natives of this island for hundreds of years and was once used to massage members of royalty! Kukui means “enlightenment” in Hawaiian. The shell of the rich-colored nuts became a natural dye for tattoos. Hawaiians utilized kukui nut oil as topical dressing for massaging sore muscles, soothing burns, chapped skin and wounds. It contains antioxidants known to protect the skin and prevent free-radical damage to the skin cells.  You can find kukui nut oil in all Nature’s Mana products, so you can always feel the benefits of this “majestic” oil!


Honey has been used since ancient times for a variety of different uses, and especially for the skin. Its an amazing source of antioxidants that has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, heals wounds, and is a phytonutrient powerhouse. It is also extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps create a beautiful natural glow. Hawaii’s bees produce more honey per hive than almost anywhere in the country! Several of our products contain honey made in the Hawaiian islands and some (dry masks) contain granulated honey. Honey can be found in several of Nature’s Mana lip balms and can be added to the facial masks as one of the options for mixing for an added benefit.

Coconut Oil

Coconut one of most important and widely used plants in Hawaii is also the most often used in our products. It is richness in nutrients, fragrance and health benefits, is a major reason why you can find it in almost all Nature’s Mana products. We use organic, unrefined coconut oil as an abundant moisturizer because of its high fat content, antioxidants, vitamin E, essential amino acids, and lauric and caprylic acid which form part of the barrier function of your skin and help maintain your skin’s natural flora. It an help relieve psoriasis, soothe eczema, and its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, fight the signs of skin aging.

Neem Oil

Used topically, Neem oil can soothe red, itchy, inflamed skin associated with ailments like acne, burns, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and rashes among others. Neem Oil works as a natural substitute for anti-aging products and as a protective agent against skin damage caused by UV rays. It deeply penetrates skin to restore moisture, enhance elasticity, smooth wrinkles, stimulate collagen production, and heal cracks caused by dryness. It reduces skin redness and brings out a healthy glow.  Studies have shown that the polysaccharides in neem reduce the inflammation and swelling that occur in arthritis. Not only does neem help reduce inflammation; it also has pain suppressing properties. Neem can also help create a balance in the immune system, directly affecting the progression of arthritis. Find Neem oil in the Ultimate Pain Relief Salve with CBD

African Shea Butter

African shea butter is made from the nut of the African shea tree. It contains a rich amount of fatty acid that can not be removed from this specific nut, which renders it far superior to other butters and natural moisturizers. This fatty acid is crucial to rejuvenating and moisturized the skin. Shea butter provides all the essential vitamins needed to make skin look and feel smoother, softer and most importantly, healthier. Its therapeutic properties protect the skin from wind, cold, sun and it help heal wounds faster. It stimulates cellular activity, fights the effects of aging and repairs rough, dry skin. You can find shea butter in each Nature’s Mana massage oil candle and lip balm.

Cocao powder and Cocoa butter

The cacao tree is native to tropical regions in Central and South America, and its fruit was consumed by pre-Columbian cultures like the Mayans over 4,000 years ago. The high levels of antioxidants protect and repair the skin from damage and premature aging. And as a potent anti-inflammatory, it soothes redness and blemishes, improving the skin’s complexion.  Cacao butter (a.k.a. cocoa butter) is made by cold-pressing oil from the cacao bean, creating a smooth and stable fat. Cocoa butter is a rich moisturizer and skin protectant. You can find cocoa butter in many of Nature’s Mana products including facial masks, lip balms especially the yummy Chocolate mint with CBD!

Vanilla Extract and essential oil

Other than its delicious smell, vanilla has great benefits for the skin that often go unnoticed. as anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to soothe and calm irritated skin. It is anti-bacterial and has been used to reduce skin infections and in wound healing It has powerful anti-oxidant properties that help to protect against free radical damage and the effects of environmental stresses on the skin. Contains B vitamins, including niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid.  All of which help to maintain healthy looking skin. The aroma of vanilla has been shown to lift mood and generate feelings of well-being and calmness, but is was also traditionally used to ignite passion! So no wonder you can find it in Nature’s Mana coffee scrub and signature massage oil candle Lavender Vanilla!

Essential Oils


Derived from fresh lavender flowers, lavender oil is one of the most well known essential oils. It appears to slow the activity of the central nervous system, improve sleep quality, and promote better concentration. It has been used for many years as a way to counter anxiety. In one study, encapsulated lavender oil was found to be effective for generalized anxiety disorder, without sedative effects or potential for abuse. The relaxing aroma of Nature’s Mana massage oil candles and bath drops are rich in lavender.


Applied topically, peppermint oil can be used for the following conditions, headache, muscle pain, nerve pain, toothache, inflammation of the mouth, joint conditions, Itchiness, allergic rash, and repelling mosquitoes. In addition, peppermint oil vapor is sometimes inhaled to treat symptoms of colds and coughs.
In one study, peppermint oil was shown to inhibit the activity of both the herpes virus type 1 and type 2. The study concluded that peppermint oil might be useful in treating recurrent herpes infections. The soothing, cooling, oil balancing and inflammation reducing benefits of peppermint make it a powerful multi-use oil. Peppermint oil is present in Nature’s Mana CBD lip balms.

Lemon Balm

A perennial herb which embodies a gentle, lemony fragrance. It holds an abundance of benefits which have been widely used in Ancient Greece, over 2,000 years ago. Swiss physician and alchemist Paracelsus (1493-1541) believed that lemon balm was an “elixir of life” and would increase strength and lengthen life. Lemon balm has long been known for its use in treating various skin conditions, particularly the herpes virus. However, its uses in skincare go wider than that given the plant’s strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action. Lemon balm is classified as being calming, soothing, healing and tightening on the skin, whilst also stimulating circulation. It is thought to be great for acne and sunburned skin.
You can find this amazing ingredient in Nature’s Mana sugar scrubs, bath drops, CBD Energize candles, and lip balms.


Orange oil is derived from the outer peel of the common orange fruit, which has been highly sought after for centuries because of its immune-boosting effects. It is popularly used for mood elevation in aromatherapy. However, it has many other benefits too especially for skin health.  Applied topically through face masks, moisturizers or bath soaks, orange oil can brighten the skin and reduce blemishes spots and scars. Its antioxidants
fight free radicals are responsible for accelerated premature aging, and reduce acne and diminish large pores. By improving collagen production, it reduces the wrinkles and keeps the skin supple and clean. You can find orange oil in the Nature’s Mana Energize Massage Oil Candle, bath drops and masks!

Ylang Ylang

Also known as flower of flowers, ylang ylang flowers are unique sweet smelling flowers that are used to extract ylang ylang oil. It’s pronounced “EElang EElang”.  In aromatherapy applications,it soothes stress, anxiety, sadness, tension, and sleeplessness. Its aphrodisiac quality is reputed to boost the libido to enhance sensuality between a couple. Used topically, it is known to balance and regulate oil production in the skin and hair, while also soothing inflammation and irritation. It enhances circulation, conditions, and prevents infections.


In aromatherapy, inhaling the aroma of grapefruit essential oil (or absorbing grapefruit essential oil through the skin) is thought to transmit messages to a brain region involved in controlling emotions. Known as the limbic system, this brain region also influences the nervous system. Aromatherapy proponents suggest that essential oils may affect a number of biological factors, including heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, breathing, and immune function. Rubbed into sore joints and muscles, this oil is reported to help with arthritis and rheumatism, as well as headaches and menstrual cramps. The constituents of this oil are said to break down and flush out fat cells, helping to reduce cellulite deposits when applied topically making it a vital ingredient in the Energize Massage Oil CBD Candles! You can maximize the benefits of this oil while bathing in Energizing morning bath drops, moisturizing your skin with CBD massage candles, and lip balms.

Hawaiian Sea salt, Himalayan Sea Salt and Epsom Salt Blend

For thousands of years, salt baths have been highly prized medicinal therapies. Hippocrates (460-370 BC) first discovered the therapeutic qualities of seawater and salt baths when he saw their healing effects on the injured hands of fisherman – quelling both infection and pain. This special blend of salts used in Nature’s Mana products are rich in vitamins and minerals and more that our body can deplete through sweat and day to day stressors. Many of them we obtain through our food, but an added bit of nourishment to our bodies can be a luxurious soak in these ingredients to benefit the skin and even penetrate to the muscles after a long day of stress and/or exercise.

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit the islands of Hawaii and have at least one beach day. You already know the therapeutic effects of a soak in the warm waters of the Pacific ocean surrounding Hawaii. The ocean contains the same minerals and salts that are found in our blood, namely sodium, chloride, sulfur (as sulfate), magnesium, calcium, and potassium, except in much higher concentrations. It contains iodine, an essential trace mineral that nourishes our glands such as the thyroid and salivary glands. Himalayan sea salt contains numerous minerals that are important for our health – including calcium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium and zinc. The magnesium and sulfate found in Epsom salts can be absorbed through the skin, making a soak in a combination of them a great way to enjoy the amazing health benefits. *These salts have even been purported to decrease bloating, soothe stings and blisters, deep cleans and detox the skin, ease aches and pains, balance electrolytes and contribute to a good night’s sleep! You can find these salts in the Nature’s Mana Hawaiian Coffee scrubs, sugar scrubs and bath drops.

Healing Crystals


Amethys is… It is said to help provide clarity, relieve stress and anxiety, and even help with cell regeneration, insomnia, & mood swings.


A stone found…. keeps you motivated, inspired and confident. It will give you the
perseverance for tough situations and an energy boost that burns away impure energies.