Rejuvenating Energy- Massage oil candle with CBD




Introducing your new morning ritual. Light the candle and after 10 minutes when you emerge from the shower (after using our energizing Sweet’N Salty Scrub), massage the skin loving oils onto your skin. This massage oil candle is the perfect recipe of bountiful and skin nourishing ingredients. Used for moisturizing the skin and soothing away the day’s aches and pains with the powerful blend of cannabinoid (CBD) extract, kukui nut, coconut oil and shea butter. The orange oil to brighten the skin and reduce blemishes and scars, the skin tightening benefits of lemon balm extract and oil, and cellulite reducing properties of grapefruit!

Scent: Energizing citrus- blend of Orange, lemon balm and grapefruit. Click here to read more about the amazing properties of these oils!

Directions: Burn the wick candle for five minutes. Use the oils pooling around the wick and massage into the skin. You may pour the warm wax into hand at your own risk, however every candle comes with a bamboo spoon attached to retrieve oils from the candle.

Ingredients: Soy wax, kukui nut oil, coconut oil, raw African shea butter, vitamin E, CBD (isolate and full spectrum blend- approximately 250mg) essential oils (orange, lemon and grapefruit).


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