Sweet n’ Salty Body Scrub with Hawaiian honey and sea salts




The perfect combination of raw cane sugar and Hawaiian sea salt to gently scrub away dead skin cells and leave your skin looking bright. The Hawaiian honey and coconut oil will step in to hydrate your skin, leaving behind antioxidants and a beautiful glow! Even more amazing, the scrub is scented with lemon balm extract, and a blend of citrus essential oils for their immune boosting, mood elevating and cellulite reducing properties!

To use: Step into the shower with the water off. To keep the texture and freshness of the scrub, do not use with water or put water inside of jar. Use your hand or exfoliating glove to rub the scrub into the skin in an upward motion toward the heart. Rinse after scrubbing desired areas.

Warning: Use of body scrubs in the shower or bathtub can cause surfaces to become slick. Use caution. External use only.


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