Ultimate Relaxation Bath Drops with CBD




These “Bath Drops” are complimented with dried lavender flowers on the outside and a beautiful and healing Amethyst crystal implanted on the inside. Each carefully, handcrafted bath drop has been formulated with YOU in mind. These are a great way to start a perfect night’s sleep by easing the stressors of your day away physically and mentally. With skin loving ingredients such as Collagen, Lemon Balm, Coconut and Kukui nut oils and lavender. They have CBD (Cannabinoid extract) to help get your day started by easing any nightly aches away.

Directions: Run bath water at a warm temperature and fill 1/3 of desired bath before adding the bath drop. Let the ingredients dissolve before entering the tub, and then mix with your hands. Relax for as long as you like and enjoy the benefits of each ingredient. When the crystal comes to you during your bath, hold it in your hand, take several deep breaths with your eyes closed, give gratitude for a day complete before a night of restful sleep. Keep it in the bathroom to revisit daily. *Read more about the Amethyst stone here.

*Warning: The oils within the bath drop can make the surface of the bath tub slick or slippery. Use caution when exiting the tub. Contains small parts not suitable for small children.


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